New Northfork widget highlights the importance of nutritional information

Jun 2, 2021

Erik Wallin

Nutritional information matters. Whether you're a publisher or a retailer, your end users want to understand the nutritional value that your recipes deliver.

Customer demand

Hartman Group looked into this in relation to food product labels. It found that 72% of consumers who aren't watching their weight read nutrition panels on food. The figure rises to 81% for those who are watching their weight.

Northfork's work has shown that this demand for nutritional information extends to recipes as well. The company's nutritional calculator works out the per-portion nutritional facts for any recipe. Tech Lead Alex Skold explains:

"Many of our partners see displaying nutritional information as a non-negotiable. It delivers immense value to the end user. Users expect to see nutritional details on recipes now - it's no longer a 'nice to have' but a core element. Our team have been developing this functionality in house in order for us to control this key piece of technology as more partners are starting to implement either through APIs or widgets."

Nutritional widgets

Northfork is constantly developing its platform in order to enhance the services available to its retailer and publisher partners. One of its most recent developments is a plug-and-play widget that displays nutritional details on partners' websites. The hands-off widget provides a range of display options, with partners able to customise how the information looks. This ensures it fits flawlessly into any site.

It's a cost effective solution that enhances the user experience.

Enriched search

Nutritional information has been in demand for some time. Buzzfeed's food inspiration platform Tasty, for example, has built on Northfork's technology in order to display nutritional details in its app and website services. Now, the new plug-and-play widget will make that easier than ever to implement.

Northfork customises its tech to suit each client's needs. Sister brand Gastrofy, for example, allows user to search for sub-500 calorie recipes. They can also use the enriched search functionality to find low carb recipes. Further features are under development - watch this space!