Groceryshop 2022 - Google: "1 billion recipe videos played daily on Youtube"

Sep 22, 2022

Louise Taylor

Google's Paul Tepfenhart, Head of Global Grocery spoke about how retailers need to reflect on where the actual grocery journey starts. Guess what, it doesn't start on the retailers landing page.With 1 billion recipe views on Youtube everyday (!) retailers need to have experiences that can start anywhere on the web.

One of the clearest themes to arise during this year's Groceryshop event has been just how deeply embedded technology is within the sector. Creating winning marketing strategies up funnel. Anticipating changes in customer demand (and responding to them). Reaching consumers in a cookie-less future. All of this and more requires seamless technology to power it.

Tech to the rescue

"Without the right technology in place, retailers can't compete," comments Northfork Head of Sales Caitlyn Summers from Groceryshop 2022 in Las Vegas. "A digital strategy isn't some nice-to-have add-on. Those days are long gone. Grocery retailers need to be at the cutting edge of using tech to operate efficiently and engage their customers. It underpins success in every area."

Making recipe inspiration anywhere on the web a seamless journey into a retailer cart for check out needs to be dynamic built to fit both recipe publisher and retailer. Some best in class examples can be seen on HalfBakedHarvest connection to Target and Buzzfeed Tasty connection with Walmart, both powered by Northfork.

Time for innovation

The economic climate is tough around the world, with many countries juggling spiralling food prices and inflation.

"As consumers rein in their spending, retailers need to support them to achieve value when they shop," comments Northfork's Summers. "That means getting creative with helping shoppers' budgets go further - such as through shoppable recipes and meal planning solutions that share ingredients across multiple meals and minimise waste. Our tech can even support consumers to use up leftover store cupboard items that they've purchased recently. All of these examples can be deployed off platform!"

Northfork's shoppable recipes increase engagement, ease to checkout and basket size. Implementation options include off-the-shelf widget, SDKs and API solutions, as well as customised solutions.

If you're attending Groceryshop 2022, come and see Northfork in action at booth 443. You can also check out our recipe shopping solutions online.