Discovery. Smart Cart. Brand Promotion.

Northfork helps your customer discover new recipes, shop
smarter, and increase your revenue.

Just for You
Personalised for you. Using historic purchases to make your regular recipes dynamic and personalized to your individual consumers.
Lifestyle Diets & Allergies
Following a diet is hard so we've made it easy. Present your customers with personalised dinner ideas or allow them to customise to their individual preferences. Everything is conveniently just one click away with our Smart Cart.
Capture the whole market. Our technology analysis recipes in real time to present meal ideas that fits-within your consumers' budget, whether they are students or gastronauts.
For retailers with mutiple stores that want to create a unified experience across them all. Filter recipes based on warehouse stock data.
Your cart, your choice.
Everyone is unique, that's why our cart adapts to your preferences. Minimise waste by optimising your cart for organic, best price or personal product preferences.
Optimise cart for supply chain efficiency.
Increase your profit. Our algorithm optimises on margin while staying true to your consumers' needs.
Brand Campaign Pages
Create brand promotion pages for recipes that pre-selects-a brand.
Category Partners
Pre-select a promoted brand for a product category. This is a perfect option for long term brand partners.
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