What does your grocery business stand for?

18 jun 2021

Erik Wallin

Consumers in 2021 are focusing on environmental and ethical issues like never before. They also want to shop on a budget. Oh, and eat healthily too.

Grocery shopping priorities in 2021

McKinsey's latest report, The State of Grocery in North America, reveals that shoppers' top priority this year will be looking for ways to save money when they shop. Retailers need to keep value firmly in mind in terms of their brand positioning in 2021. McKinsey also found that healthy eating and nutrition was consumers' second area of focus. Again, brands will need to factor this into their marketing and PR activity.

"Grocery retailers looking to win a higher 'share of stomach' will need to put value and nutrition front and centre, according to McKinsey," comments Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin. "At the same time, they will need to focus on convenience and personalisation in the omnichannel arena."

Recipe shopping technology to the rescue

The findings are highly attuned to Northfork's recipe shopping solution. With Northfork providing shoppable recipes and shoppable menu plans, retailers can give their customers the ability to make 'best value' their priority when shopping. Customers can also choose from a range of healthy recipes, adding the ingredients to their basket in a single click.

Retailers can also use Northfork's technology to promote particular products. This provides plenty of scope for pushing anything from health food items to the most ethically sourced products - along with anything that's on offer, to help customers achieve greater value for money.

Recipe shopping technology ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to personalisation, too. Menu plans can factor in everything from dietary needs to how the consumer has rated recipes they've already tried. The result is a menu shopping experience that moulds around each customer's requirements and preferences.

This is perfect for retailers looking to deliver highly personalised, ominchannel experiences. And with retailers like Walmart projecting that the trend for online grocery shopping will continue, no retailer can afford not to focus on doing so this year.