Walmart+ captures 11% of Americans in successful launch

Nov 9, 2020

Erik Wallin

Woman Smiling
Woman Smiling

The Northfork team were delighted to see the success of Walmart+ announced earlier this week.

The new scheme provides members with unlimited free delivery, faster shopping through the Scan & Go function of the Walmart app and discounts. The service launched with these benefits in September, with plenty more in the pipeline.

The impressive part? 11% of all Americans have already subscribed!

Northfork has worked with Walmart for some time on making recipes shoppable through its content partner, Tasty. The partnership is delivering an enhanced online grocery shopping experience, enabling customers to create their own menu plans, save costs and avoid wastage by sharing ingredients across multiple recipes.

Having worked with Walmart already, the Northfork team are no strangers to the retail giant’s commitment to innovation in customer service. Now, we are thrilled to see the hard work that has gone into launching Walmart+ paying off so quickly.

Perhaps the most telling part of the new Walmart+ services is that the real beneficiaries are the customers, just as they are with the Tasty app. Walmart’s commitment to the customer experience is delivering a range of superb services that are giving shoppers back their time, while also honouring the company’s commitment to providing the right items at the right price.

It’s a blend that should stand Walmart in good stead for the future. With 11% of Americans already convinced of the value of Walmart+ after a fortnight, it will be fascinating to see how many have signed up within the first couple of months.

Definitely a service for anyone with an interest in retail to keep a close eye on!