Using tech to enhance the customer experience - welcome to CES 2022

Dec 30, 2021

Louise Taylor

This week, the Northfork team is at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. We're excited to be at the world's most influential tech event. We're particularly excited to be showcasing how technology can enhance the experience of buying groceries online - and why doing so is so important.

The non-linear shopping experience

Shopping used to mean grabbing a piece of paper and writing a list. Perhaps delving into a recipe book or two while doing so. Then, off to the shop to buy the items. Potentially with a few in-store adjustments due to out of stock items. Today's shopping experience is far less linear.

Shopping now involves recipe inspiration from a range of sources, both online and offline. It may involve changing which store you buy from each week, based on which has delivery slots available. And then buying certain grocery items locally when they're not delivered or are substituted for something unhelpful.

"There's so much scope for technology to remove the pain points from the shopping experience," explains Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin. "The non-linear nature of grocery shopping nowadays means that there are more elements that can disrupt the overall experience. So that's where things like recipe shopping and connecting to real-time stock availability come into play. Customers need to build their baskets as and when it suits them to do so."

Time to connect

The Northfork team has a booth at CES 2022 to discuss this in person and showcase how the company's tech results in happier customers. They are inviting retailers and recipe publishers to connect with them at the event.

"Linking commerce at the point of content and offering relevant content throughout the customer journey is now essential," concludes Wallin. "We're here to show how customers can shop and engage with content on their own terms. Using tech to enhance the customer experience in this way is the future of online grocery shopping.”