Using recipes to drive sales in 2022 - top tips for retailers

Jan 6, 2022

Louise Taylor

Online recipes deliver inspiration and convenience to food shoppers. They level up the grocery shopping experience, resulting in more conversions and greater loyalty. So, how can retailers use them to drive even more sales in 2022? Would a personal recipe shopper be the solution, like the robot we meet at #CES2022?

Putting recipes front and centre

Northfork's experience shows that adding recipes to shopping baskets consistently grows customer basket size by over 5%. As such, retailers can benefit from showcasing recipes on their website. Catch a shopper's interest with a recipe and just three clicks later they've got ten items in their basket. The same goes for helping shoppers in store, by guiding to the products they need. 

"Recipes can deliver huge benefits to retailers when they're used in the right way," explains Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin. "A shopper can add three recipes to their basket in under ten clicks. It would take around 100 clicks to add all of those ingredients individually."

Using recipes on social media is also valuable in driving sales. Retailers can deliver a seamless journey from social media to basket to checkout. This capitalises on the moment of inspiration. The shopper can quickly and easily fill their basket, whether they are checking out instantly or saving the ingredients until later, when they're ready to do the weekly shop.

Linking with third-party content producers is another top tip. After all, the recipe doesn't need to belong to the retailer to deliver value to them.

Personalisation is paramount

Research has shown that dietary considerations play a role in 50% of food buying decisions. As such, retailers who use recipes to drive sales need to factor this in. That's why Northfork's technology gives customers the option to flex their basket to be more premium, budget, organic, or waste-conscious as part of the recipe shopping experience. This personalised basket curation better meets the shopper's needs. The result? Increased conversions and long-term loyalty. So, even if the robot may not be as fancy as the ones that we have met at CES, the intelligence of the robot is already in the Northfork platform ready to be integrated on partner properties. 

The Northfork team is at CES 2022 this week and available to share its research on how retailers can use recipes to drive sales. Why not pop along to the booth and say hello?