Swedish start-up Picsmart is showcasing Northfork's widgets with its new rapid recipe delivery service.

Jan 5, 2023

Louise Taylor

Dynamic Swedish start-up Picsmart is showcasing Northfork's widgets with its new rapid recipe delivery service. Available in Greater Stockholm, Örebro and Malmö, the service delivers ingredients from a selection of 50 recipes within an hour. Picsmart CEO and founder Christopher Heybroek comments:
"This is the answer to the eternal question: What should we eat tonight? A kind of lunchbox 2.0."

Powering people's dinners

Picsmart offers customers a choice of different recipes using a recipe grid powered by Northfork. The customer can choose how many people they are cooking for. They can also swap out ingredients for other items or brands and remove any items they already have at home, all thanks to Northfork's widgets.

The service means that shoppers can browse Picsmart's recipes before leaving work, ready for the ingredients to arrive shortly after they get home.

"It's the perfect blend of technology and convenience," comments Northfork CEO and Co-founder Erik Wallin. "Our widgets provide a 'plug and play' option for a range of grocery sector businesses. They are there to facilitate just the kind of innovation that Picsmart is demonstrating."

Meeting old needs in new ways

The question of what to have for dinner is nothing new. However, Picsmart has found a new way to meet that need. The service combines recipe inspiration, easy basket customisation and fast delivery.

Picsmart then adds in communication between the shopper and the customer. If the shopper finds the store only has unripe avocados, for example, they discuss this with the customer at the time. This cuts out the irritation of grocery deliveries turning up with unripe ingredients, unsuitable substitutions or missing products (where items were unavailable).

This additional layer of communication removes some of the key pain points of online grocery deliveries. It adds an interesting new dynamic to the grocery shopping experience. With communication at its core and powered by Northfork's tech, Picsmart plans to achieve a turnover of SEK 300 million during the 2024/25 financial year. The company is already considering additional cities as part of its ambitious expansion plans.