Recipe influencer Half Baked Harvest innovates with revenue streams from shoppable recipes

Sep 14, 2022

Louise Taylor

The hugely popular US food blog, Half Baked Harvest, has launched a new shoppable recipe service. Northfork’s widgets are powering the service, with Target fulfilling orders. 

Off-the-shelf shoppable recipes

Half Baked Harvest is the brainchild of Tieghan Gerard, who has amassed 4.5 million followers on Instagram with her creative, inspirational recipes. Tieghan is also an Amazon and New York Times bestselling cookbook author. Now, she is serving up shoppable recipes thanks to Northfork’s generic widgets. 

The generic widgets are an off-the-shelf solution that enables food bloggers, recipe influencers and other publishers to quickly and easily implement shoppable recipe functionality. Northfork can deliver bespoke widgets, as we did for NBCU/Today. However, the plug and play nature of the generic widgets mean that publishers can start providing shoppable recipes much faster – in as little as three weeks if the publisher is happy to work with an existing Northfork fulfilment partner.

“The shoppable recipe space is evolving fast,” comments Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin. “Many food content creators are now looking at how they can better engage their users. For many, shoppable recipes are the answer.”

Powering inspiration

Shoppable recipes give website users the ability to turn inspiration into dinnertime more easily than ever before. With a single click, the Northfork widgets translate a list of ingredients into a cartful of products that are in stock at a local grocery store. They automatically dedupe ingredients to avoid waste and unnecessary expense. The widgets also deliver all the functionality that you would expect when shopping for food online – users can add and remove ingredients, swap brands and so on. 

Half Baked Harvest now has a powerful recipe shopping solution, using Northfork’s add to cart button, floating cart model and cart model widgets. It also has a powerful fulfilment partnership with Target, a national retailer with around 2,000 stores across the country. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Target for the first time, as well as with Half Baked Harvest,” concludes Northfork’s Wallin. “The potential of the recipe publishing space to evolve the way people shop is enormous. It’s exciting to be a part of that evolution.”