Northfork's menu widget showcases effective meal planning

Jul 14, 2022

Louise Taylor

Northfork's menu widget allows shoppers to create a meal plan in a few clicks. They can do so directly on a retailer's site or when browsing recipes on a third-party partner site.

Powerful simplicity

"Our menu widget is one of those ideas that looks simple on the surface, but has a lot going on behind the scenes," explains Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin. "From the customer's perspective, they can plan a menu and add the ingredients to their basket with just a few clicks or taps. Simple. The backend, meanwhile, is handling everything from pricing and ingredient counts to affiliate links and redirection to retailers."

With the Northfork widget in place, shoppers can browse recipes, select those they like, swap recipes and go back to ones they've previously viewed. They can then use a button to add all of the recipes they've chosen to their cart. Northfork's tech ensures that ingredients are shared across recipes rather than duplicated. This works well for customers on a tight budget - as so many shoppers are right now.

The gift of time

The menu widget also provides a major time saving for shoppers. Northfork's research has found that 54% of users were able to complete their menu planning in under five minutes using the widget. 33% of customers, meanwhile, completed their menu within three minutes. That's an impressive time saving compared to the usual time it takes to plan and shop for a week's meals.

Benefits for retailers

Grocery retailers and third-party recipe sites can also benefit. The Northfork widget resolves and creates all of the products that will be added for checkout, fetching the pricing and ingredient count in the process. For partner sites, it creates a URL containing all of the products to be checked out, linking in with the retailer's site to complete the experience.

The slick grocery shopping experience boosts customer enjoyment, positively impacting loyalty rates for both retailers and their third-party partners. It means that the menu widget benefits all those involved in the grocery purchasing process.

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