Northfork's Recipe Recommender: Transforming Leftovers for Better Shopping

Dec 8, 2023

Fanny Höglund

The Northfork Recommender Engine takes various forms and strategies, aiming to elevate your Average Order Value by enticing customers to add more items to their purchases.

This product recommendation system suggests products to users by analyzing their behaviors, interests, and preferences, drawing insights from diverse data sources. It aims to recommend products that align closely with what users are likely to find appealing.

Our newest addition to the recommender suite is the Recipe Recommender based on Leftovers, specifically designed to optimize the Average Order Value, minimize waste, and improve the shopping cart experience.

What are the objectives of this product?
  • Recommend recipes that precisely align with the leftover ingredients in a shopper's cart, without increasing the cart's total value. This promotes cost-effective and sustainable cooking.

  • Improve the user experience by suggesting recipes that utilize surplus ingredients already present in the shopping cart.

  • Offer users a range of recipe options that consider additional ingredients, enhancing their culinary journey.

  • Engage users in their shopping experience by suggesting recipes based on the leftovers in their cart, encouraging creative use of these ingredients.

What issue does this product address? 
  • The Leftover Logics feature accurately identifies surplus items and cleverly incorporates them into recommended recipes.

  • Two modes—Leftover Logic and Leftover Logic Extension—provide flexibility in managing cart pricing based on user preferences and business strategies.