Northfork partner Tasty’s latest development takes online grocery shopping to the next level

Nov 22, 2019

Erik Wallin

Woman using phone top view
Woman using phone top view

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that using shoppable recipes when buying groceries online was an exciting novelty. How quickly we become accustomed to the technology that makes our lives easier!

Nowadays, using shoppable recipes through apps such as Tasty, powered by Northfork, has become a part of the way that people buy their food. Online grocery shoppers are becoming more interested in enjoying shopping as an inspirational experience. This enables retailers and publishers alike to use recipes and meals to lead visitors into a journey that converts to sales faster and with more inspiration.

Now, in an exciting new development that takes shoppable recipes to the next level, the Tasty app is allowing Walmart customers to shop by meal bundles. Before meal bundles users checked out with more than one, and Northfork data for Europe shows 2.8 recipes per cart. This move by Tasty makes sense.

Building on the Northfork technology, Tasty has developed a native user experience that means customers can plan their weekly menu as part of their online shopping experience — not by browsing and adding one recipe at a time, but by following guided suggestions for multiple meal bundles.

The shoppable meal bundles automatically share ingredients across different meals in order to minimize waste and reduce price. Important values to most shoppers. They also serve to inspire Tasty users to cook new dishes that they’ve not attempted before. It enhances the overall shopping experience in multiple ways.

Tasty’s new shoppable menu bundles cater to a range of tastes and needs. Seasonal and holiday-focused bundles are available at relevant periods throughout the year, along with plenty of ideas to inspire home cooks of every level of ability from making the most of holiday leftovers to whipping up delicious vegetarian meals.

The Food Marketing Institute reports that 49% of US consumers regularly shop online for their groceries. That figure is expected to rise to 70% over the next five to seven years, with customers spending as much as $100 billion annually on online groceries by 2022.

Such huge future potential is driving retailers and publishers to work hand in hand with technology developers in order to continue enhancing the online grocery shopping experience. This is precisely what we’re seeing with the launch of Tasty’s shoppable menu bundles. In simple terms, it’s a win for all when making it easier and more enjoyable for customers to shop for their groceries. Likely this means that consumers will spend more money from meal bundles and recipes.

However, the idea of shoppable recipe bundles is about more than making a quick buck — it’s part of a drive to win customers over the longer-term by building a shopping experience that’s fun as well as practical. And one that also has the potential to save customers money (as well as avoiding waste) by sharing intuitively ingredients across multiple dishes.

The shoppable menu plan concept is built upon Northfork’s original technology, which allows retailers and their partners such as publishers to set a range of factors to customize the shopping experience. From opting for organic produce to minimising food waste, budget and skills, partners can easily create shopping experience that suits their users and visitors preferences.

With the potential to improve conversation rates and enhance the user experience, Tasty’s shoppable menu bundles look like a win from every angle.