Northfork Announces VP of Tech as Retailers Accelerate Digital Transformation

Feb 24, 2019

Fanny Höglund

Women pointing to laptoop
Women pointing to laptoop

Jens Hansen to drive data-driven, personalised shopping experiences

  • Combined focus on product enhancement and future feature development

  • New features will support retailers to better meet consumer expectations


Recipe shopping technology provider Northfork has announced the appointment of Jens Hansen as its new VP of Tech. Northfork has already made a significant impact on the online grocery scene through the provision of recipe and meal solution technology for grocery retailers.

“Northfork is experiencing strong interest from retailers looking to add features such as meal planning, meal kits and recipe shopping technology on their own platforms. In order to meet this increased demand, we need to further build up our tech team. We are therefore proud to announce that Jens Hansen is joining Northfork as VP of Tech.”

Erik Wallin, Co-founder, Northfork

All online retailers are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives as a result of COVID-19, which has caused many more customers to shop for groceries online. The US-market has grown 3x during the last year with no indications of slowing down, looking at a 25% market share within just a handful of years. 

Customers who are already used to consuming their media digitally come to online supermarket shopping with high expectations. They expect seamless, data-driven and personalised digital experiences. This is what Northfork is powering in the online grocery delivery retail space. 

As VP of Tech at Northfork, Jens Hansen’s focus will be on developing both the tech team and the company’s retailer and publisher partnerships. He will drive up the value of existing products and spearhead future feature development.

Jens’ 15 years of technical experience include senior roles at Open Text, Tacton Systems and Apollo Travel Group. He is delighted to be working with Northfork to take the company’s tech offering to the next level. 

“I’m excited to be creating effective, agile, autonomous developer teams that will deliver world class products and functionality for the grocery retail market through my role at Northfork. I'm joining a dedicated, passionate team of innovators and entrepreneurs with a fantastic product, released with excellent timing.”

Jens Hansen, VP of Tech, Northfork

Northfork’s technology is centred on the fact that buying groceries piece by piece is an outdated experience that drains consumers’ free time and reduces their enjoyment of the overall shopping experience. The platform works with retailers’ own systems to deliver intelligent, recipe-based shopping solutions that not only speed up the shopping process but that also deliver meal suggestions based on customer preferences. 

The technology is already powering retailers’ offerings in multiple countries, including enhancing the online shopping experience at Walmart in the US. It’s a win-win solution for retailers, as the Northfork technology makes the shopping experience faster and more enjoyable. That means happier customers and happier retailers, thanks to an increase in conversions due to 50% faster shopping through recipes. 

“The opportunities presented by this technology are huge. Having already established the value of Northfork to major global grocery retailers, we are thrilled to be taking those benefits to new levels over the coming months and years. We look forward to Jens being a key part of doing so.”

Erik Wallin, Co-founder, Northfork

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