Northfork and Smakshare Partner to Elevate Recipe-Based Shopping Experience and Consumer Engagement

Aug 25, 2023

Fanny Höglund

Northfork and Smakshare have forged a collaborative partnership with the aim of enhancing consumer engagement on the Smakshare platform. The objective is to generate purchase intent and, ultimately, drive the conversion of grocery products within the Smakshare channels. This strategic alliance will empower Smakshare users to seamlessly transition from an inspiring browsing encounter to an immersive shopping journey.

Leveraging Northfork's Smart Cart API and Discovery API, Smakshare is poised to create robust shopping experiences centered around recipes. This involves the integration of functionalities that enable users to effortlessly add individual or multiple recipes to their shopping carts.

Erik Wallin, Co-Founder of Northfork expresses his enthusiasm regarding the partnership with SmakShare, highlighting the joint effort in shaping the future landscape of recipe-based shopping.

About SmakShare:
SmakShare is a revolutionary recipe app founded by Stina Wernersson, designed to simplify the cooking experience for individuals passionate about food. The app offers a platform to collect, organize, and discover recipes for various occasions, from everyday cooking to special celebrations. With contributions from Mari-Louise "Millis" Wernersson, SmakShare brings a personal and heartwarming touch to the world of cooking.