Innovation and speed win the day, as appetite for online grocery remains "extremely sticky"

Jul 7, 2021

Erik Wallin

Ocado CEO Tim Steiner has shared the firm's half-year results. He highlights a "massive acceleration in an existing trend" for online grocery retail. Despite restrictions easing, online food shopping is here to stay. Why? Because shoppers who try it learn that "it's a better way to get their groceries," according to Steiner.

Meeting new needs

Luke Jensen, CEO of Ocado Solutions, echoed his boss's words, observing:

"As restrictions gradually begin to unwind, it's clear that the appetite for grocery online that rocketed during the pandemic is proving extremely sticky."

This has presented a huge opportunity for Ocado. The company has taken four new partners live in just over a year. For those partners, tapping into Ocado's innovation and ability to move fast has meant they can meet their customers' changing needs.

Making grocery shopping better

"We see this reflected in the work that Northfork is doing with its partners," comments CEO Erik Wallin. "We are delivering that same ability to innovate and to scale fast when it comes to recipe shopping solutions."

The pace of Northfork's feature development certainly speaks to this. The company's drive to continually innovate in its provision of real-time solutions is evolving the grocery shopping experience. For Northfork's partners, this presents the chance to deliver increasing value for their customer, as well as their business. It means retailers can do everything in their power to ensure their new online customers remain loyal as restrictions ease.

"The online recipe and menu shopping space is at a really exciting stage in its development," continues Wallin. "Retailers have a huge opportunity before them in terms of making online grocery shopping better. The underlying tech is so advanced now that recipe shopping can deliver personalised engagement that boosts loyalty and delivers conversion, so both the retailer and the customer win."