Goodbye omnichannel, hello unified retail

Apr 4, 2023

Louise Taylor

Shoptalk 2023 brought together all those with an interest in the latest retail technologies. Over four intense days of knowledge sharing and networking, some key themes emerged.

Goodbye omnichannel

Unified retail was one such theme. An Shoptalk interview with  and Vogue Business focused on this, examining how the siloed online and offline omnichannel approach no longer meets consumers' needs. Shoppers now use over five touch-points before they decide to buy. This far less linear purchase journey calls for a unified retail experience to tie everything together, with the customer at the centre.

"The unified retail experience starts with discovery," comments Northfork CEO and Co-founder Erik Wallin. "It's something we've been aware of for a long time thanks to our work with shoppable recipes. Removing friction from the purchase journey starts with that moment of inspiration. Using the right technology to enable shoppers to flow seamlessly from third party recipe sites to supermarket checkout is an example of this more unified retail approach. It's about far more than just removing friction at checkout."

Bringing joy to shopping

At the heart of all of this is the customer. Focusing on their needs and figuring out best-in-class engagement strategies is essential to bringing joy to the shopping experience. Wallin continues:

"Too few of us see the weekly shop as an experience to look forward to. That's a real shame. We have the technology to bring inspiration and a sense of discovery to the experience. Personalisation has an important role to play here, as does removing friction from every stage of the customer journey."

The removal of friction results in superior customer convenience. The simplified shopping experience makes consumers' lives easier. Northfork's technology supports this, helping retailers curate personalised, contextually relevant recipes across the user journey. When a shopper searches for chicken, for example, Northfork can populate a recipe including chicken, alongside products to help grow basket value. Alternatively, Northfork can share recipes after checkout, for example by emailing a chicken-based recipe to someone who has just purchased chicken. This approach grows engagement and consideration. The result is higher conversion rates than experiences that are not personalised - along with happier shoppers.

If you missed connecting with the Northfork team at Shoptalk 2023, why not meet up at Shoptalk Europe in Barcelona in May instead? You can email to arrange a meeting.