Explosive Growth of Retail Media in Europe: Seize the Opportunity to Expand Your Market Share

Jul 11, 2023

Fanny Höglund

Harnessing the potential of retail media has been a challenge for industry players. However, the retail media market in Europe is currently undergoing explosive growth, rapidly emerging as the most dynamic channel for media spending and reshaping the landscape of traditional media. Projections indicate that retail media will become a nearly €25 billion industry in Europe by 2026. As consumers increasingly shift their spending online, retailers are actively seeking new revenue streams, while brand advertisers are exploring innovative ways to track customers.

A joint venture called Unlimitail has been unveiled by retail group Carrefour and communications group Publicis. Their aim is to leverage retail media collectively in Europe and South America, with aspirations of becoming market leaders. Currently, the dominant player in the retail media space worldwide is Amazon, leading by a significant margin.

Given the rise of retail media in Europe, now is the ideal time for brands to adopt a multi-retailer advertising strategy. Seize the opportunity to expand your market share.

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