Creating a Seamless and Immersive Shopping Journey

May 10, 2023

Louise Taylor

During his appearance at Shoptalk in Barcelona, Jean-Marc Bellaiche, the CEO of Printemps, discussed the company's rebranding efforts. He emphasized the significance of seamlessly incorporating digital content, such as live shopping, influencers, and virtual experiences, to provide customers with an immersive and seamless shopping experience. While the iconic physical store remains at the core, Printemps aims to integrate digital elements seamlessly, recognizing the importance of adapting to the evolving industry and utilizing technology to create a unified and cohesive shopping journey.

In today's retail landscape, customers have come to expect a shopping experience that is both seamless and immersive, regardless of the platform they choose.

Erik Wallin, the CEO and Co-founder of Northfork, adds that Northfork's focus is on enhancing the customer experience and ensuring smooth interactions at every stage. Our specialization lies in simplifying the consumer journey from initial inspiration to the final purchase, irrespective of the platform being utilized.