Publishers seek to optimise their affiliate strategies

2 feb 2023

Louise Taylor

The power of third-party publishers is huge. Some 84% of online content creators are engaged in affiliate marketing. And the appetite from affiliates for partnerships with retailers is far from sated, as the recent Affiliate Summit West showed.

Global success

Affiliate Summit West is known for pushing the boundaries of affiliate marketing. In 2023, 6,000 affiliates, sellers, suppliers and network members came together to do just that.

"The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it's a win for all concerned," comments Erik Wallin, CEO and Co-founder of Northfork. "The retailer wins, as affiliates channel customers in its direction. There is no need for the retailer to own the content for it to deliver value. The affiliate wins as it earns commission from the retailer. And the customer wins as a result of the plentiful, inspirational content that affiliates produce. Not only that, but the affiliate model works across the globe."

It is hardly surprising, then, that publishers are strategising about how to make affiliate marketing even more successful - and more lucrative - in 2023. Many are exploring new verticals such as recipes, to engage with users and increase their revenue. This is precisely what Half Baked Harvest is doing through its exciting recipe content and partnership with Target.

Overcoming the challenges

That's not to say that the affiliate model is without its challenges. Traditionally, affiliates link through to the retailer's site. This means that the publisher is pushing their users off-site each time a user clicks an affiliate link. Hardly an ideal arrangement for publishers.

However, Northfork's technology provides a solution. By delivering shopping cart functionality on content creators' sites, the Northfork tech enables users to add items to their cart while remaining to browse for longer on the publisher's site. Only when they want to check out will they head across to the retailer's site. Users can buy multiple products or a list of curated recipes in a single click, enjoying an outstanding user experience. Meanwhile, the affiliate retains the customer on-site for longer. And the retailer still enjoys a pipeline of customers courtesy of their third-party publishing network.

"Northfork is here to support publishers to optimise their strategies and push boundaries when it comes to the affiliate model," comments Wallin. "Taking affiliate partnerships to the next level will be a key focus for many publishers in 2023 and beyond."