"Making the recipes shoppable makes it so much easier for anyone browsing the site to recreate my dishes in their own kitchen."

— Tieghan Gerard, Founder

Tieghan’s challenge.

It has always been my desire to inspire a love of amazing food, along with the confidence to try something new. Working with Northfork and Target to provide shoppable recipes makes that objective just that much more attainable.

Half Baked Harvest has risen to prominence over the past decade. With a highly successful blog, 4.5 million Instagram followers, and two New York Times Bestselling cookbooks (their latest Half Baked Harvest Every Day has been on the list for 23 weeks and counting). Author and content creator, Tieghan Gerard, has earned legions of followers for her approachable recipes and incredible photography that prove that ‘wholesome’ and ‘delicious’ aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.

Once a user is ready to check out, the recipe cart is pushed to Half Baked Harvest’s fulfilment partner – Target, which has over 2,000 stores across the US – who will process the transaction for pickup or delivery.

  • All Half Baked Harvest recipes will be shoppable on mobile and web
  • Northfork’s widgets power a super smooth onsite experience
  • The tech sits behind Half Baked Harvest’s existing recipes, meaning the look and feel of the site remains the same