Is shopping in your PJs the way to save the planet?

16 abr 2021

Erik Wallin

Shopping online for groceries has been a necessity for many of us over the past year. However, it's more than a simple stop-gap until the pandemic is over. Online grocery shopping delivers a range of benefits. Erik Wallin, CEO of Northfork, comments:

"Shopping from the comfort of your sofa is usually a far more relaxed experience than heading out to the shops. It can also be better for the environment. And a more sustainable shopping experience is a win for both the customer and the retailer."

There is no Planet B

Environmental issues are a key focus for major food retailers. Walmart, for example, is aiming for zero emissions by 2040. The firm also has major conservation goals. It plans to protect, manage or restore a million square miles of ocean by 2030, plus at least 50 million acres of land.

Can online shopping help achieve this? Jeff Bezos believes so. Amazon's sustainability scientists assert that a single grocery delivery van can cut out around 100 round-trip car journeys. On average, they calculated that carbon emissions generated by online grocery deliveries are 43% lower than those resulting from shopping in-store.

Making healthier choices

Shopping online may also curb our impulse purchases. Nutritionist Susie Burrell points out that supermarkets are designed to encourage impulsive behaviour, from chocolate at the checkout to end-of-aisle offers. Often, these are for items that aren't hugely healthy. Shopping calmly from home removes a great deal of that temptation.

Online grocery shopping can also be faster (if you use your history to add routine items to your cart) and more pleasurable: recipe discovery in your PJs is certainly more appealing than heading out to do the weekly shop, particularly if you have to drag children along. So sit back, relax, click and enjoy!