Read the story on how Northfork got the mission of the complex work connecting all Walmart stores with their unique assortments into a seamless shopping experience on the Tasty app.

Walmart challenge.

Going from brick and mortar to online is a big change of any business. Being the worlds largest retailer, the change is of scale. As most online players, Walmart are moving into grocery online with an ambition to have strong growth. Creating a platform for many target audiences will open up possibilities for Walmart to grow online.

Northfork’s solution.

By deep integrations with Walmart on product, store and inventory level Northfork Smart Cart enable to surfacing the Walmart shopping experience on Tasty.

This feature provides a seamless grocery experience for Tasty users, and swift access to ingredients for more than 4,000 recipes. From the Tasty app, users are directed to the Walmart grocery app or webpage, where they can purchase and schedule their groceries for either curbside pickup at a local Walmart or at-home delivery.

Northfork use geolocalization capabilities to map a recipe’s ingredients to the inventory available at the closest Walmart location, which ensures that customers can purchase the exact items they need to cook their favorite recipe.

Northfork can also add a layer of customized recommendations based on purchase preferences, lifestyle diets, allergies and budgets, delivering a truly personalized shopping experience.