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Customer Cases

4 million followers Thousands of recipes
""Making the recipes shoppable makes it so much easier for anyone browsing the site to recreate my dishes in their own kitchen.""
Tieghan Gerard, Founder
Expect more inspiration... 2000 stores and online
"Target deep connection with Northfork enables adding high converting traffic from external partners like Half Baked Harvest. "
Target, Expect More. Pay Less.
Europes biggest retailer 18.000 recipes
"Using Northfork will improve the experience on site and allow support shoppers with faster and better grocery shopping experiences. ", the place to go for fresh groceries in the Netherlands
Biggest media house in the world Reach billions every week
"Today is using Northfork’s lightweight widgets to deliver its new service. Fast and easy to integrate, the widgets provide grocery cart functionality on the Today site, rather than simply redirecting users to a supermarket site. "
Today, The crown jewel at NBCU
98 million followers 20 million downloads
"By partnering with Walmart and leveraging Northfork’s technology for Shoppable Recipes, we’re thrilled to be able to solve the pain point of grocery shopping."
Ben Kaufman, BuzzFeed’s Chief Marketing Officer
3500 connected stores
Northfork handles the complex work of connecting all Walmart stores unique assortments into a seamless shopping experience, on the Tasty app, where ever the user is located.
144 consumer brands
"With Northfork, we have made our products available through or own inspiring recipes, available to put straight into an online shopping cart. It simply makes it easier for our consumers"
Patrick Axzell, Sales Director at Orkla
EUR 3.1 billion 655 stores
"Northfork is powering everything with recipe shopping at Coop. It is a central part of our customer offering."
Claes Hessel, VP
EUR 7.4 billion 1296 stores
"We rely on Northfork for recipe categorisation in real time based on the actual in store products stock."
Erik Olsson, ICA