Northfork is powering everything with recipe shopping at Coop. It is a central part of our customer offering.

— Claes Hessel, VP

Coop’s challenge.

Coop is the second largest grocery retailer in the Swedish market. Having had an online presence since 2008, it has faced fierce competition from new entrants; like meal kit companies and pure online e-groceries. Coop wanted to get ahead and diversify from its competitors.

Northfork’s solution.

Coop has had a long tradition of marketing through recipes, however there has never been a way for their consumers to easily go from recipe inspiration to shopping. Shopping for groceries online is convenient, as the user does not have to make the roundtrip to the store, but adding 40-60 products to the cart is a cumbersome process that increases resistance and subsequently affects conversion, loyalty and growth. Using Coop’s current recipe database and connecting them dynamically to their product assortment we introduced a completely new way of shopping on their platform. With the new section consumers can get dinner ideas just 1 click away from adding all products needed to their cart, they can even add multiple recipes and get the products to optimize for minimum waste, lowest price or most organic products.

Products used.

Smart Cart

The Results.

To date the results for Coop have been amazing and they are now enjoying a competitive advantage and reaping the benefits.

20 %
Increased conversion.
Average recipes per order.
Of all orders now contain recipes.