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About us

We are witnessing the most radical transformation in grocery shopping history. We are shifting the consumer journey from offline to digital, from one size fits all to a deeply personalised experience and from shopping products one by one to meal solutions — and it’s all made possible through technology.

As consumers, we now expect to be presented with relevant suggestions instead of searching for items ourselves when it comes to deciding what music to listen to and what films to see. This development has set the expectations for all categories of consumption in our lives, and grocery shopping is no exception.

The big challenge with groceries online is that the average consumer buys 50 single items on a weekly shop. Adding these products to a cart one by one is the opposite to a convenient experience. It’s easy to understand why relevant suggestions, inspiration and voice shopping aren’t suited for single product shopping — it’s simply irrational to order 50 products via voice. In order to meet consumers expectations we need to move away from single items to bundled products. We need to go from products to meals.

At Northfork, we believe that everything with food should be an enjoyable experience from planning and shopping to cooking. We think that the key to creating this and at the same exceeding customer expectations are to combine the most groundbreaking technology on the market with one of the oldest artifact in human history — the recipe.

Our idea is to let you do what you do best while we focus all of our energy on providing recipe shopping technology that enables a hands-off shopping journey on your online grocery shopping platform.

This is Northfork.