16 September, 2019

Walmart SVP showcases Northfork app during keynote GroceryShop 2019 speech

Erik Wallin
CEO at Northfork

Not only is Walmart the largest company in the world, according to the 2019 Fortune Global 500 list, it’s also the US online grocery market’s biggest player. In fact, Second Measure reports that Walmart boasts an impressive 62% more customers than its nearest rival.

These are just two of the many reasons why we are so delighted that Tom Ward, Walmart’s SVP digital operations, showed the Tasty IOS app as part of his keynote speech at GroceryShop 2019.

Northfork powers the Tasty app, providing shoppable recipes to Walmart customers in order to enhance their digital experience. The app allows shoppers to auto-fill their cart with recipe ingredients, including sharing products between recipes. Customers can also opt-in pantry items that are connected to the recipe.

From the retailer’s side, the Tasty app makes it easy for people to shop, so can improve conversion rates and the user experience. It also enables shoppers to add multiple items to their cart in a single click — an obvious win for those selling groceries online.

The online grocery marketplace continues to expand, with only 12% of US consumers having tried one of the top seven services analysed recently by Second Measure (up from 9% a year ago). That leaves a staggering 88% of consumers available for retailers to convince to shop online with them.

Customers are also reported to be immensely loyal to their online grocery brand. Second Measure reports that grocery delivery companies shared no more than 9% of each other’s customer base during Q2 2019.

This means that the stakes are high for online grocery retailers. The right combination of positive user experience and product range/quality can earn them loyal customers in a growing marketplace. This huge, untapped market of potentially loyal customers is another reason why it was so thrilling to see the Tasty app that Northfork powers highlighted by the US’s largest online grocery retailer.

Walmart’s US sales account for 65% of its annual revenue of $514.405 billion and the company employers some 2.2 million. Companies and markets simply don’t get any bigger than this, so many grocery retailers look to Walmart as an example of how to achieve success. From its business strategies to the apps that it uses, where Walmart leads, others follow.

For Walmart to showcase the Tasty IOS app during GroceryShop 2019 sends a strong signal to other retailers that the grocery giant has full confidence in the user experience that the app delivers. Quite simply, it is the future of online grocery shopping, and the Northfork team are thrilled to be a part of that future.

About the author

Erik Wallin
CEO at Northfork

Erik is co-founder of Northfork, he has a long experience of the grocery industry within marketing and sales. Before Northfork, Erik founded BagHitch a P2P transportation service.