09 December, 2019

Northfork partner Tasty’s new Brand Promotion feature strengthens bonds between brands and retailers

Erik Wallin
CEO at Northfork

There’s so much going on behind the scenes of the Buzzfeed Tasty app right now. We at Northfork are delighted to work with such an innovative partner building experiences on top of the our APIs.

Since August of this year the Tasty iOS app surface a Walmart online grocery shopping experience, powered by the Northfork technology. The latest feature is called Brand Promotion and it could be a game-changer for the retailer/consumer packaged goods dynamic. It is also the latest proof of that the three-way-partnership is going from strength to strength.

Brand Promotion is to ingredients what Google’s AdWords is to keywords. The feature allows brand and product promotion through the Tasty app in connection with a specific ingredient, product category or a particular recipe.

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Northfork has enriched the shopping experience by enabling the connection of ingredients to specific, branded products. By doing so, the Brand Promotion feature enables publishers (in this case Buzzfeed Tasty) to deepen the relationship with brands, through specific advertising campaigns. Also brands can use this in their relationship with grocery retailers to drive sales to carts at their retailer partners, thus broadening both its usefulness and its appeal.

Selling by recipe has already done much to unlock grocery shopping online. Statista reports that online grocery shopping sales in the US are projected to rise from $22 billion in 2019 to $29.7 billion in 2021. One of the reasons behind this growth is the increasing sophistication of the technology behind the online shopping experience.

The development of the Brand Promotion feature means that food and beverage producers now have an even greater chance to capitalize on this growth.

The enhancement of the app experience is something that the Northfork team take very seriously. The features that they develop are designed to ensure that all those with a stake in the app will benefit.

In the case of Brand Promotion, for example, food and beverage retailers benefit from the chance to gain greater exposure for their brands and drive up sales. Customers also benefit, with branded product suggestions enhancing the shopping experience (they can still pre-set their ingredients to default to various settings, from best value to organic). The retailer, meanwhile, enjoys all the advantages that come with increased customer satisfaction — i.e. better shopper loyalty and conversion rates.

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Northfork is working hard to drive value at Walmart, through the innovative Tasty app experience. The new Brand Promotion feature is the latest and most exciting step in that journey.

About the author

Erik Wallin
CEO at Northfork

Erik is co-founder of Northfork, he has a long experience of the grocery industry within marketing and sales. Before Northfork, Erik founded BagHitch a P2P transportation service.
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