22 January, 2023

New product launch makes all content shoppable on publisher sites

Louise Taylor

Northfork has revealed a new feature that enables far-reaching collaborations between publishers and retailers. Using the new Northfork shopping cart, publishers can now make their entire sites shoppable.

From groceries to general merchandise

Northfork shopping carts are already connecting publishers’ food-related content to major grocery retailers. This means that sites such as Half Baked Harvest can better serve users whom they inspire to cook their recipes.

Now, Northfork is taking its expertise beyond the boundaries of the grocery sector. CEO and Co-founder Erik Wallin explains:

“Our new shopping cart connects publishers with large retailers who provide a wide range of goods. It means that people creating content about clothes, makeup, toys, technology, and other goods can deliver an easy checkout experience to their users.”

How does it work?

Northfork can deliver the cart as a widget or publishers can build their own experience on top of the Northfork API. Through either integration, the shopping cart enables users to shop from product carousels, links in articles, and numerous other touch-points across the publisher domain.

The shopper adds items they want to purchase to the cart on the publisher’s site. They can then customize their cart to fit their needs or preferences such as changing quantities, sizes, colors, and more. Once ready to buy, the user clicks the ‘checkout’ button. All items and changes made in the publisher cart are transferred to the retailer’s site, where the shopper selects the delivery method and completes their transaction.

Content creators who leverage the Northfork cart enable users to shop for one or multiple products without ever leaving the publisher’s property. This increases audience engagement as the shopper is no longer redirected to a retailer’s product page each time an affiliate link is clicked. The functionality helps content creators grow affiliate revenue while retailers benefit from inbound traffic and sales.

“We are excited to be offering this new shopping cart,” comments Northfork’s Erik Wallin. “We can implement this in as little as two months for publishers and retailers around the world. It enhances the browsing and shopping experience for users, while benefitting publishers and retailers too.”

The new Northfork shopping cart feature is already being used in a major publisher-retailer partnership in the US. If you would like to find out more about this new feature, please contact the Northfork team.


About the author

Louise Taylor

Louise is Northfork’s editor and is passionate about all things food.