11 April, 2022

New data provides fascinating insights into social media and shoppable recipes

Louise Taylor

Shoppable recipe tech firm Northfork has revealed a sneak peek at some of its metrics. The innovative firm has released data demonstrating the impact of posting shoppable recipes on social media. The results are eye-opening.

Social media and inspiration

“Social media platforms are the ideal place for companies to talk about shoppable recipes,” explains Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin. “Where better to catch someone’s eye with a picture of a delicious dish? And where better for users to find meal inspiration whenever and wherever suits them?”

Research shows that 71% of adults use Facebook for recipe inspiration. That’s an enormous market for online grocers and food-related content providers to tap into. Particularly when we consider that 58% of the total global population now uses social media. That’s an audience of 4.6 billion people out there scrolling – all of whom need to decide what to have for dinner every day.

But the appeal isn’t just potential exposure, as Northfork’s new data reveals.

Recipe shopping on social media

Northfork’s metrics compare pre-recipe shopping and post-recipe shopping figures from one of the company’s partners. After posting about shoppable recipes on social media, the company saw a 13% reduction in its bounce rate from social traffic. It also saw page views per session increase by 19% and session time increase by 57%.

Looking purely at the traffic coming from social media sites, the findings are even more impressive. Page views per session from social traffic increased by 67%. Session time, meanwhile, increased by a staggering 288%.

“These figures show the major impact that a shoppable recipes social media campaign can deliver,” comments Northfork’s Erik Wallin. “Finding inspiration for meals shouldn’t be a chore. With social media, it doesn’t have to be. The visual nature of the medium can inspire, and just a few taps later the consumer can have everything they need in their basket, ready to check out.”

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Louise Taylor

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