20 September, 2022

Groceryshop 2022 highlights driving role of consumer preferences

Louise Taylor

Shopper behaviours and preferences are shaping how consumers discover and purchase their groceries. This was one of three key themes discussed at Groceryshop 2022 on the first day of the event. Running from 19-22 September in Las Vegas, the huge conference is examining the biggest forces impacting grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Consumer shopping trends

The Northfork team listened with interest as analysts shared research on shopper behaviours and preferences. Northfork’s own research has already highlighted the need to support new discovery and purchase flows. Its innovative shoppable recipe and meal planning technology is rooted in this evolving discovering process. It enables consumers to move from inspiration to mealtime with ease, while supporting retailers to grow engagement, loyalty and cart value.

Digital strategies

Also under the spotlight on day one of Groceryshop 2022 was digital transformation. Specifically, how digital strategies are driving growth. C-suite leaders discussed their experiences of using advanced analytics, AI and supply chain digitisation to underpin growth.

“The importance of digitisation throughout the supply chain has never been greater,” comments Northfork CEO Erik Wallin. He is attending the conference along with Heads of Sales Drew Hopp and Caitlyn Summers.

“This is a fascinating part of the retail landscape, as it’s moving so fast. There’s so much more room for innovation, even in the face of all the recent advances discussed at Groceryshop.”

Economic realities

The event also recognised the difficulties that external factors are imposing. Inflation, labour shortages, supply chain disruption and more are all impacting the sector.

Other thought-provoking topics covered at the event:

  • Jennifer Saenz, Chief Merchandising Officer at Albertsons said every moment can be shoppable. Engaging with customers wherever they are browsing online is important to winning the eCommerce race.
  • Online experiences need to be seamless and align with customer motivations. Removing the noise and listening to customer feedback is critical to driving new and successful business opportunities.
  • GoPuff and 7-Eleven both stressed the importance of convenience and connecting with shoppers from content to consumption across all aspects of the consumer journey.

Northfork recipe and meal shopping solutions bridge the gap from inspiration to commerce in a frictionless and personalized manner. Groceryshop attendees are invited to stop by and say hello to the Northfork team at booth 443 over the coming days.

About the author

Louise Taylor

Louise is Northfork’s editor and is passionate about all things food.