TV recipe shopping - welcome to the future

11 feb 2022

Louise Taylor

The recently announced partnership between Northfork and NBCU/Today is levelling up the recipe shopping experience for viewers in the US. Consumers inspired by Today Table recipes can now quickly and easily shop for them directly from their televisions.

TV recipe shopping - how does it work?

Viewers inspired by the extensive choice of recipes on the Today Table programme can now shop for them quickly and easily. An on-screen QR code directs viewers to the relevant recipe page on the Today website. From there, they can click or tap to add the ingredients to a shopping cart on the site. The process is the same whether the viewer watches live or online at a later date.

Walmart fulfils the orders for the new shoppable recipe service. Through their shopping cart on the Today site, viewers can easily swap, add and remove ingredients. They can also adjust the quantity of diners, prioritise particular products and more. Checkout is via the Walmart site where customers choose curbside pickup or delivery.

The future of grocery shopping

Northfork's technology is powering a number of innovations in the grocery shopping experience. This latest service means that both meal planning and grocery shopping are faster and easier.

"Shopping recipes directly from the television meets viewers at that moment of inspiration," comments Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin. "It's a seamless journey from liking the look of a recipe to having the ingredients needed to enjoy it yourself."

Today's recipes are delivered by a range of inspirational chefs, including Alejandra Ramos and Jocelyn Delk Adams. Viewers can now imitate their culinary skills at home.

"This is the future of grocery shopping," comments Wallin. "We've removed the disconnect between watching something, wanting to cook it and having everything that's necessary to do so. It's exciting to be facilitating such a convenient, contemporary means of delivering the grocery shopping experience."