Trend watch: Live shoppable videos evolve rapidly

15 feb 2023

Louise Taylor

"Live shoppable videos are the shopping experience not of the future, but of the here and now."

So claims Northfork CEO and Co-founder Erik Wallin, commenting on the rapidly emerging trend of shoppable livestream video. The video shopping experience means that viewers can purchase items at their moment of inspiration, while still continuing to watch.

TV recipe shopping

Northfork's partnership with NBCU/Today has already demonstrated how grocery shopping can blend with television shows. Viewers watching the Today Table programme can scan an on-screen QR code to add recipe ingredients straight to an online shopping cart on the Today site. They can then browse the Today site, including adding ingredients from other recipes. When ready to check out, the viewer will be taken to Walmart's site with their basket ready for order fulfilment.

The partnership has demonstrated the power of blending shoppable content with TV shows. Now, brands and influencers are working to take that experience to the next level.

Emerging trends

A number of trends are feeding the evolution of shoppable livestream video. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are powering personalisation in livestream shopping. In addition, virtual and augmented reality are enhancing the customer experience.

At the heart of live video shopping is the vast power of social commerce. Social media platforms have revolutionised the way that we discover products, not just through paid advertising but through recommendations from friends and fellow group members. It is the power of this new form of social inspiration that shoppable livestream video is attempting to harness.

"Shoppable live videos present a huge opportunity for brands to reach new audiences," comments Northfork's Erik Wallin. "There is also plenty of scope for new partnerships between brands, influencers and other third parties. Combining audiences can mean reaching even more shoppers. The technology to do so is already available, so we're likely to see this trend snowball over the coming months."