Taking global inspiration from Shoptalk Europe

10 jun 2022

Louise Taylor

Shoptalk Europe has drawn to a close after three packed days of presentations, seminars, networking and so much more. Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin and VP of Sales Jez Collins have been delighted to form the foundations of several new partnerships at the event. They also enjoyed the opportunity to listen to inspiring tales of digital advancement from around the world.

"Everyone from established industry stalwarts to eager new start-ups attended this important event," comments Wallin. "So many different voices shared their experiences, providing some outstanding insights into the future of the online grocery retail sector."

Learning from other markets

One interesting perspective was that of Michał Seńczuk, President of the Board at Studenac. Seńczuk reflected on the power of going fast while learning from other markets. He shared insights into a grocery business just starting its digital journey. For the Northfork team, it emphasised just how far the sector has come over the past couple of years.

Tony Navin, Head of eCommerce at Kraft Heinz, also reflected on the changes of the past few years. His presentation served as a reminder that, while digital transformation was already a priority, Covid added intense urgency to it.

The power of change

One change that Navin shared was Kraft Heinz's ecommerce reporting shift from share of sales to share of growth. This was a major structural change. Suddenly, small markets with a single ecommerce specialist became top priorities. Ecommerce growth fuelled those changes.

Anneli Furustad, Chief Product Officer at Coop Sweden, also shared her experience of change. Coop is moving from a project-based model to a product business. It is doing this by merging its digital and IT teams into a single DIGIT team. This will include dedicated product owners. The inspiration product owner, for example, will create and manage a personalised recipe shopping experience. Doing so will take customer engagement to the next level.

These changes - and the pace at which they are being made - show clearly how grocery retailers have grasped the need to evolve their digital offering. They also provide huge scope for partnerships. The clear message from Shoptalk Europe? There are interesting times ahead!