SmakShare and Northfork Transform the Culinary World with Innovative Recipe Partnership

13 oct 2023

Fanny Höglund

A few months back, we officially launched a game-changing partnership with SmakShare, an innovative recipe app that aims to streamline the culinary journey for food enthusiasts. 

Stina Wernersson, the visionary founder of SmakShare, shares her thoughts on our collaborative venture: "Thanks to our partnership with Northfork, our users can seamlessly transition from discovering recipes to taking action. It's been incredibly gratifying to receive user feedback since our joint launch."

SmakShare harnesses the potential of Northfork's Smart Cart API and Discovery API. The Smart Cart API converts recipes into a meticulously curated list of products, rendering recipes easily shoppable, while our Discovery API is dedicated to recommending recipes that cater to various user preferences.

Erik Wallin, Northfork's Co-founder and CEO, elucidates that the utilization of our Smart Cart API and Discovery API facilitates the creation of a superb shopping experience built on recipes. Thanks to Northfork's offerings, customers can seamlessly include single or multiple recipes in their shopping carts.