Shoptalk Europe drives key conversations around convenience, loyalty and personalisation

25 may 2022

Louise Taylor

On 6-8 June, leading retail change-makers from across Europe will come together in London at Shoptalk Europe. More than 3,000 delegates will connect to drive forward conversations about the future of retail.

Northfork's Co-founder Erik Wallin will be attending, along with Jez Collins, VP of Sales. Wallin comments:

"Many of the themes on the agenda for Shoptalk Europe are the exact conversations that we've been having with retailers around the world. Shoppable recipes tie in beautifully with the event's focus on convenience and personalisation. Elements like these are key to the future of online grocery shopping."

The new grocery landscape

Redefining convenience, delighting customers with new services and effective personalisation tactics will all be major talking points at Shoptalk Europe. These are some of the top trends that will shape the new grocery landscape over the coming months and years. The Northfork team is excited to exchange views on them, given shoppable recipes' powerful potential to deliver in each of these areas.

Also on the agenda is the changing nature of grocery and fast-moving consumer goods relationships. Again, shopping by recipe dovetails with these conversations. Delivering a seamless online grocery shopping experience supports consumers' changing habits. It also enables retailers, publishers and CPGs to adjust the way they partner with each other. Increasingly dynamic relationships, with customers at their core, stand to benefit all those involved in the online grocery shopping experience.

Facing the future head-on

"It's a fascinating time to be part of the grocery retail sector," comments Wallin. "The pandemic has accelerated change within the sector by years. This has allowed innovation to flourish and encouraged retailers to face the future head-on. Shoptalk Europe will push that forward even more."

Northfork will be at Startup Street Booth G63 at Shoptalk Europe. The team will be available to demonstrate Northfork's tech and share customer-centric insights into the future of online grocery retail.