Revolutionizing Recipe Shopping: Northfork and Sigma's Innovative Interstitial Page

3 nov 2023

Fanny Höglund

In a partnership with the global food company Sigma, Northfork has developed an innovative interstitial recipe shopping page to make it possible to directly purchase recipes featured on social media platforms. 

Empowering Food Enthusiasts

Sigma’s primary goal has been to empower users to seamlessly buy recipes from their social channels, all while ensuring the incorporation of the Customer's products whenever these recipes are accessed through the interstitial page. 

The Interstitial Recipe Shopping Page

The interstitial recipe shopping page introduced by Northfork is essentially a web page that acts as an intermediary link between a recipe page and a shopping experience. Its core function is to offer users a smooth transition from merely perusing a recipe to effortlessly adding all the essential ingredients to their shopping cart.