Retailers support shoppers to enjoy meals in, instead of meals out, as inflation bites

21 mar 2022

Louise Taylor

In countries around the globe, families are feeling inflation start to bite. In the US, annual inflation is running at a 40-year high of 7.5%. Over in the UK, families are facing the biggest income squeeze for half a century. This is mirrored around the world. The cost of living is rising and the pre-Covid price 'normality' doesn't look set to return any time soon. Or possibly ever.

Making the most of it

As the Easter holidays approach, social media sites are filling up with tips for families looking to enjoy life on a budget. Cooking at home, instead of dining out or ordering expensive takeaways, is one way to do just that.

"The pandemic taught us a lot about making the most of meals at home," comments Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin. "People were inspired to cook more and to experiment in the kitchen. With money-saving now a keen focus, cooking at home can deliver a big win."

Mealtime inspiration

As people buy more products to cook at home, mealtime inspiration takes on a whole new importance. Retailers who inspire shoppers to decide what to eat can win long-term, loyal customers. An outstanding user experience is key to this. For online shoppers, that means using a seamless, user-friendly recipe shopping solution.

"The great thing about using shoppable recipes to inspire customers' meal plans is that everyone benefits," explains Wallin. "The customer enjoys meal suggestions based around their dietary requirements and preferences. The retailer, meanwhile, benefits from loyal customers filling their carts."

Northfork's experience has shown that the cart value of those shopping via recipes is 8% higher than non-recipe shoppers so far in 2022. Many customers are making more of an occasion of meals in, rather than meals out. This means grocery retailers who support shoppers to cook and eat well in 2022 stand to do very well themselves.