Retail tech doesn't get much smarter than this!

1 mar 2022

Louise Taylor

This week, the Northfork team will be out in force at the Smart Retail Tech Expo. Held in London's Excel exhibition centre on 2 and 3 March 2022, the event will showcase the most innovative and progressive technology in the retail sector.

Retail revolution

Digital innovation has been game-changing in the retail sector. It has powered everything from new payment models and stock control to supply chain transformation. Social media, meanwhile, along with a focus on omni-channel, has reshaped the way we shop. And the revolution still has a long way to go.

"It's a very exciting time to be part of the retail tech sector," comments Erik Wallin, Co-founder of digital recipe shopping firm Northfork. "There's this explosion of technology underway. It's enhancing the shopping experience for consumers. It's also empowering retailers to deliver better, more profitable services."

The shop-by-recipe experience

Northfork's recipe shopping experience is a prime example of innovative tech in action. The technology blends recipe inspiration with real-time stock levels. It delivers an immersive menu creation experience. It has also been proven to increase customer loyalty, engagement and spend.

And recipe shopping continues to evolve. "The technology isn't standing still," continues Wallin. "We've recently supported NBCU and Walmart to deliver a solution that combines television, social media and web content to enable Today programme viewers to shop recipes directly from TV shows."

The Northfork team is excited to be hosting a stand at Smart Retail Tech. Members will be on hand to show off the company's smart recipe shopping technology.

Northfork already works with retailers in the US, New Zealand, Scandinavia and the Netherlands, as well as various other locations. The company is expanding rapidly, as retailers around the world grasp the enormous potential of its recipe shopping technology. Those currently in the UK are invited to visit the Northfork team at their Smart Retail Tech stand.