Northfork welcomes new Head of Sales, Jez Collins

21 dic 2021

Erik Wallin

The Northfork team is delighted to announce the appointment of Jez Collins as Head of Sales, UK. Collins brings a vast amount of experience to Northfork at this key stage in the organisation’s growth. He will work with retailers and publishers to support the expansion of the brand in the UK.

Collins brings with him a deep understanding of the pressures that grocery retailers face, along with significant data expertise. He is also committed to using data to enhance the customer experience, in line with Northfork's own commitment to doing this. Collins will work with retailers and third-party publishers in the UK to achieve this.

A key appointment at a key time

Erik Wallin, Co-founder of Northfork, welcomes Collins to the team:

“We are delighted that Jez will be a key part of Northfork’s expansion in the UK. This builds on our success elsewhere in Europe and around the world. Jez's depth of knowledge and experience will support our rapid growth plans. We are driving up the quality of online food shopping for UK consumers through inspiration and convenience.”

The pandemic fuelled a whirlwind of innovation from grocery retailers. They rushed to adapt their business models to the new normal. Now that longer-term trends are emerging, retailers and publishers are looking to further enhance their services, through shoppable recipes and checkout-from-anywhere solutions, for instance.

Embedding inspiration

“People are cooking at home more and going to the supermarket less. As a result, there are some gaps in the shopping experience. Meal inspiration, for example,” comments Northfork’s Jez Collins. “By integrating Northfork’s technology, retailers and recipe publishers can provide that inspiration in a useful, shoppable form that drives up customer engagement and loyalty. We’re still only scratching the surface here in the UK when it comes to how convenient online grocery shopping can be.”