Northfork Unveils Upgraded Meal Planning Widget with Enhanced Features

24 oct 2023

Fanny Höglund

Northfork is elevating the standard Meal Planning widget with the launch of an enhanced version, featuring new capabilities like improved filter logic and the option to view ingredients.

Northfork's Meal Planner tool equips users with the tools to efficiently manage their meal plans, create shopping lists, and access an extensive recipe collection. Ingredients are intelligently shared across recipes, reducing redundancy—an invaluable feature for cost-conscious customers.

Erik Wallin, CEO and Co-founder of Northfork, expresses excitement about advancing the Meal Planning tool and takes pride in introducing an updated version that addresses customer requests. Erik also underscores the advantages of integrating meal planning, emphasizing how it can expand your user base and enhance user engagement, setting you apart from competitors.

In the upcoming update, Northfork will not only improve the meal planner widget but also introduce a software development kit (SDK) solution for individuals seeking greater development flexibility and the ability to customize the meal planner to their specific preferences.