Northfork shares change leadership experience at 2021 Techarenan Entrepreneurs’ Convention

23 abr 2021

Erik Wallin

On 23 April, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders will discuss entrepreneurship and building companies at the Techarenan Entrepreneurs’ Convention. It is the first year that the event is open to everyone. The convention will be broadcast live from Stockholm. Panel discussions, knowledge tracks, podcasts and interviews will all be available afterwards.

Leading change

Northfork CEO Erik Wallin will be on the food teach panel. Erik will share his experience, alongside panelists from Karma, Mycorena and Matsmart. The focus will be on creating new, sustainable behaviours to change an entire industry. Erik comments:

"It is an honour for Northfork to be recognised as a change leader. How to shop and what to eat are deeply rooted behaviours. Changing those behaviours can be tough. Innovation and foresight are the keys. I look forward to sharing some of Northfork's success and challenges at the convention. This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect and broaden their knowledge."

Strategy and trends

Identifying trends and working strategically are essential for success in the online grocery market. As, indeed, they are in many sectors. Online food shopping has changed rapidly as a result of the pandemic. And it continues to do so. Understanding how to change food buyers' habits is a core part of success. Change leaders also need to understand how to use food tech to drive innovation. Companies can only achieve sustainable growth when they align with shoppers' needs, both now and in the future.

Erik will cover all of this and more as part of the wide-ranging panel discussion that will take place at the Techarenan Entrepreneurs’ Convention.

Register to attend

If you would like to hear Erik's panel discussion at 14:15 on 23 April, you can register here. The convention is free to attend. You can access it from around the world.