Northfork powers Kavall's 10-minute recipe ingredient deliveries

17 mar 2022

Louise Taylor

"What shall we have for dinner?"

For diners in Sweden's Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg, and Finland's Helsinki and Tampere, this question is a whole load more exciting than it used to be. Tech-driven start-up Kavall is offering 10-minute grocery deliveries. Customers can shop directly from recipes, turning inspiration into dinner in record time.

Kavall and Northfork - the perfect partnership

Northfork's 'Discovery' and 'Smart Cart' APIs are powering the Kavall experience. The Kavall app inspires consumers with delicious recipes, then delivers the ingredients to them 10 minutes later.

The model has attracted considerable interest. Founder Robin Rendahl started Kavall in May 2021. Within six months, the company had raised 50m SEK (€4.9m).

"Delivering ingredients so quickly is a game-changer," comments Northfork Co-founder Erik Wallin. "It capitalises on the consumer's inspiration. They can be cooking dinner within 15 minutes of deciding what to eat. It's the ultimate convenience."

The power of data-driven tech

Market research company Mintel recently flagged up the importance of data-driven technology businesses such as Kavall. Senior Analyst Michael Oliver noted that, “specialist operators offering an on-demand, rapid grocery delivery service (usually within 10 minutes) from warehouses/dark stores are a threat to traditional store-based retailers."

Oliver points out that companies like Kavall have a level of control over their business of which retailers who partner with third party delivery companies, shopping from existing store inventory, can only dream. With 1,000-2,000 items available, and able to use data to predict demand, Kavall's slick operation represents a whole new way to approach the grocery shopping/delivery experience.

Will it lead to the rapid demise of the traditional supermarket? "Certainly not anytime soon," comments Northfork's Erik Wallin. "But it does emphasise how important it is for supermarkets to keep up with digital demand. Innovators like Kavall mean consumers have more choice. Supermarkets need to ensure they remain a compelling option within this new landscape."