Northfork is counting down the hours to CES 2022!

21 dic 2021

Erik Wallin

After months of anticipation, the Northfork team is counting down the final few hours to CES 2022. What a way to start the new year!

"2022 is going to be a big year for Northfork," comments Co-founder Erik Wallin. "We've got so many innovations planned for the year head. It's hugely exciting. CES 2022 is the perfect opportunity to start the year in the right way."

Why CES 2022?

Industry leaders from across the globe are heading to Los Angeles for CES 2022. It has a reputation as the world's most influential tech event - and for good reason. This year, the event plans to foster the next generation of innovation.

The Northfork team will be there in person, with a booth to showcase the company's tech. Indeed, food tech will be a key theme at CES 2022, along with digital health, automotive tech, non-fungible tokens, gaming, smart homes and more.

"The energy and spontaneity of CES conferences are second to none," continues Northfork's Erik Wallin. "Our plans for 2022 already include working in additional international markets. Making connections at CES 2022 will support those plans."

Ambitious expansion plans

Northfork is already working with some of the world's largest grocery retailers. From its base in Sweden, the company supports retailers as far afield as the US and New Zealand to deliver impressive digital shopping solutions to their customers. Its digital recipe shopping functionality has been shown to drive up both engagement and loyalty.

Now, the company is showcasing the technology that enables that at CES 2022. The Northfork team will be on hand to explain and demonstrate the tech. They will also share real-world examples of Northfork in action.

"We encourage anyone with an interest in food tech - from grocery retailers to consumer packaged goods firms to third-party recipe publishers - to come along and see what Northfork can do," concludes CEO Erik Wallin. "We're taking the grocery shopping experience to the next level in 2022."