New acquisition highlights value of blending shoppability, recipes and data

27 oct 2022

Louise Taylor

Data-centric eCommerce tech platform SmartCommerce has acquired Basketful, just a week after it announced its acquisition of Myxx, Inc. Basketful will add data-driven category and channel insights and in-context eCommerce optimisation tools, while Myxx delivers dynamic digital recipe solutions.

"SmartCommerce is bringing together data, shoppability and recipes," comments Erik Wallin, Co-founder and CEO of Northfork. "This highlights the pace at which the grocery sector is catching up with the non-food sector, where shoppability is more established."

Full throttle growth

"Shoppable recipes and data-driven, contextual commerce are supercharging the expansion of the grocery sector's digital offering," continues Wallin. "There is a growing need for sophisticated solutions to the age-old question of what's for dinner."

Retailers, third-party content producers, recipe shopping providers, consumer packaged goods firms, data specialists and others are increasingly working together. They aim to answer that question in a way that befits consumers' use of modern technology.

International scope

Northfork's work blending deep-dive data with recipe-shopping technology has seen the company work with partners around the globe in recent years. Retailers' appetite for delivering omnichannel solutions is vast. So is the number of paths by which consumers move from inspiration to purchase. It's a complex and fast-moving sector, which requires multi-faceted solutions.

The right solutions are those that make things easy for consumers. That saves them time and effort. And, of course, that makes the grocery shopping experience more enjoyable. Those are the solutions that will build long-term customer loyalty.

"Recipe shopping can deliver long-term customer commitment, bigger basket size and impressive wins for partnerships with CPGs," comments Northfork's Erik Wallin. "All parties can benefit when shoppable recipes keep pace with the opportunities that modern tech platforms and big data can deliver. The benefits can be replicated in different countries and encompass different players, all while levelling up the grocery shopping experience for the customer. With so much opportunity, we're likely to see more acquisitions and partnerships follow in the footsteps of SmartCommerce."