Native checkout experiences drive engagement with digital natives

22 feb 2023

Louise Taylor

Our shopping habits have changed enormously since the huge growth of social media networks. Shopping has become an integrated part of browsing the web. Product discovery and inspiration can arise from a wide range of sources. This means that retailers are having to innovate when it comes to engaging with consumers and the way they shop - particularly when it comes to digital natives.

"Native checkout looks to be an experience that will drive engagement with contemporary digital natives," comments Erik Wallin, Co-founder and CEO of Northfork. "Having a shopping tab isn't enough. Browsing, inspiration and purchase need to flow together more seamlessly than that."

Brands are experimenting with this in different ways. Instagram is ending live shopping. TikTok, conversely, is testing in-app shopping while reportedly developing live shopping functionality.

The value of engaging checkout experiences

Northfork has a proven track record in this area. Its technology provides general merchandise and grocery cart functionality that delivers higher engagement and click through rates. This supports retailers to increase their digital bottom line. Additionally, retailers benefit from delivering an enhanced user experience.

"The more seamless and intuitive a shopping experience is, the more likely the consumer is to shop with that retailer again," explains Wallin. "Digital natives expect frictionless shopping experiences. That means retailers need to provide them or risk losing market share."

It's time for native checkouts

This is where native checkouts really come into their own. A native checkout experience is one designed specifically for an app or platform. It is seamlessly integrated into the retailer's digital presence. Designed well, native checkouts can deliver a frictionless journey from discovery and inspiration through to order fulfilment.

"The fewer barriers the checkout experience puts in the shopper's way, the better," continues Northfork's Erik Wallin. "By removing friction points, native checkout experiences can support higher checkout completion rates. And that's good news for retailers in any sector."