Join the #NorthforkGiveaway2023 for a Chance to Win the OONI FYRA 12 Pizza Oven!

15 sept 2023

Fanny Höglund

Attention all food enthusiasts! Get ready for some thrilling news as we prepare to participate in the upcoming Groceryshop event in Las Vegas.

We're delighted to present the #NorthforkGiveaway2023, an exclusive chance for you to snag the extraordinary OONI FYRA 12 pizza oven.

Here's how to participate:

Craft a LinkedIn post showcasing your passion for cooking, and be sure to include the hashtag #NorthforkGiveaway2023. Plus, if you haven't already, hit that "Follow" button on our LinkedIn page.

Curious about when the lucky winner will be unveiled? Keep a close watch on our LinkedIn page, where we'll make the thrilling announcement after the Groceryshop event.

So, don't wait any longer. Start crafting your standout LinkedIn post, and ad #NorthforkGiveaway2023. Best of luck, and may your outdoor cooking dreams come true! 🍕🔥