Groceryshop 2022 update - John Furner CEO of Walmart on digital challenges, lessons and rewards

21 sept 2022

Louise Taylor

Surging digital adoption, simplifying the eCommerce tech stack, delivering exceptional online product search and discovery... so much of the second day of Groceryshop 2022 resonated with Northfork's work! What shown through was the need for technology to support the evolving customer experience. Consumers want convenience and personalisation. Retailers need to deliver these.

On stage John Furner CEO of Walmart put it; "Serve you in the way that you would like to be served"

Digital challenges

"The pace of digital adoption over the past three years hasn't been without its challenges," comments Northfork CEO Erik Wallin. "It's now time to take stock and implement solutions that deliver efficiency for retailers and consumers alike."

Walmart has during the last couple of years successfully launched some amazing digital products that all address digital challenges, John Furner highlighted;

  • Deliver in home

  • Go local

  • Walmart connect

  • Walmart+

Creating these digital tools have also given Walmart the opportunity to resell technology solutions to other retailers.

The simplification of the eCommerce tech stack, along with online product search and discovery, have been key Groceryshop themes. Actually shoppable recipes tick a lot of boxes in both respects, and have been a topic for many conversations as recipes enable consumers to discover meals and products and act swiftly on their inspiration. By pairing them with the ability for shoppers to easily swap out ingredients, retailers can deliver a seamless experience that increases engagement and basket size. They can also decrease the likelihood of cart abandonment.

Data and digital natives

Another interesting Groceryshop theme has been the role of Generation Z shoppers. Gen Z is the world's largest generation, with a disposable income of $360 billion to spend in the US alone. This digitally native generation presents huge opportunities for retailers. Gen Z is also pushing retailers to think authentically about sustainability. Those that do stand to reap big rewards.

"Data has an important role to play here," comments Northfork's Erik Wallin. "Northfork has already demonstrated the power of using data to enhance the grocery shopping experience. It's something that is only going to increase in importance over the coming years, delivering enhanced personalisation and convenience in multiple ways."

With CEO Erik Wallin and Heads of Sales Caitlyn Summers and Drew Hopp in attendance, there are plenty of opportunities for Groceryshop attendees to meet the Northfork team. Those wanting to see Northfork's tech in action are invited to head along to booth 443 for a demonstration.