Grocery Retailers Shift Focus to Technology Investments, Emphasizing Customer-Centric Innovations

11 ago 2023

Fanny Höglund

In the current landscape, online ordering has become a prominent technology in the grocery sector, with retailers adopting a progressive mindset. This outlook is underscored by a forward-thinking viewpoint, as a notable 57% of surveyed businesses foresee an increase in their technology spending for the year 2023.

Despite the challenges posed by ongoing inflation and an uncertain economic environment impacting the retail industry, grocery retailers have undoubtedly faced limitations in expanding their investment capabilities. However, insights gleaned from a recent study unveil a significant pattern: a considerable portion of these retailers anticipate that delivery services will spearhead the growth of e-commerce, contributing to an estimated 65% surge.

Grocery retailers actively involved in technology-focused initiatives and making them a priority are evidently aligning themselves with the demands of an increasingly digital future. This foresight gains support from the expectation that e-commerce will emerge as a pivotal catalyst for growth in the next eighteen months.

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