Enhance Brand Visibility Throughout the Recipe Journey with Northfork's Brand Promotion Tool

4 ene 2024

Fanny Höglund

In a world where the digital marketplace is bustling with options, standing out as a brand is crucial. At Northfork, we understand the significance of brand visibility and have tailored a comprehensive Brand Promotion (BP) tool that reshapes the way brands engage with consumers along their recipe journey. 

Seamlessly Integrate Your Brand with Recipe Shopping
Our suite of Brand Advertising solutions combines the power of recipe shopping features and our innovative brand promotion tool. This integration ensures that your brand enjoys visibility across the entire recipe journey, from the initial spark of inspiration in the ingredient list to the final transaction, making sure your products are the preferred choice in the shopping basket.

Empowering Brands through Self-Managed Campaigns
Northfork's Brand Promotion tool is a game-changer. It's a self-managed advertising platform that puts the control in your hands, allowing you to create targeted campaigns that highlight your brands and products within recipes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Elevating Your Brand with Northfork's BP Tool:

1. Campaign Naming: Kickstart your campaign by creating a distinctive name that encapsulates your brand's essence.

2. Campaign Duration: Set the campaign's start and end dates to align with your marketing strategy.

3. Stock Visibility: Choose whether you want the promoted product/brand to appear when out of stock, ensuring consistent visibility.

4. Product Search Customization: Tailor your search preferences by product name, brand, UPC/ENA code, or other specific criteria.

5. Keyword Relevance: Fine-tune your search with relevant keywords to optimize product visibility.

6. Product Selection: Handpick the products you want to promote or effortlessly select all eligible products for promotion.

7. Priority Setting (Optional): Determine the order of promoted products within the campaign.

8. Recipe Catalog Matching: The system intelligently matches your products to relevant ingredients in our expansive recipe catalog.

9. Recipe Selection (Optional): Choose specific recipes you wish to promote within your campaign.

10. Campaign Creation: Create your campaign setup in advance, allowing for flexibility in activation.

11. Activation: Enable the campaign at your preferred time, immediately reflecting the user experience to align with your marketing strategy.

Elevate Your Brand Visibility Today
Northfork's Brand Promotion tool is your key to elevating brand visibility, making your products the preferred choice throughout the recipe journey. Experience the power of targeted brand promotion and seamlessly integrate your brand with the consumer's recipe exploration and shopping experience. Join us and take charge of your brand's journey to success!