Day One at Groceryshop 2023: Insights and Innovations Reshaping the Future of Retail

20 sept 2023

Fanny Höglund

The first day of Groceryshop in Las Vegas has been packed with exciting new connections and important, industry-leading conversations. Northfork's Co-founder and CEO - Erik Wallin and Caitlyn Summers, Head of Partnerships have been part of discussing the future of retail and hearing from experts in the field.

Key highlights: 

1. Retail Media: 

Day one featured insights from Raquel Navarrski, Customer VP of eCommerce Pure Play at General Mills, and Jason Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at PublicisGroupeon, who discussed the rapid growth of retail media. They emphasized the need for brands to optimize spending in the digital grocery industry, where advertising is becoming more contextual and effective.

2. Unifying In-Store and Online: 

Shoppers who engage both online and in-store are the most valuable segment. Retailers must build strong e-commerce and in-store capabilities while ensuring a seamless connection between channels, as omni-channel customers are twice as valuable.

3. Omnichannel: 

JJ Fleeman, CEO of Ahold Delhaize USA, shared their focus on creating seamless customer experiences across channels, particularly centered around food discussions. While specific online sales projections were not provided, he highlighted the higher value and profitability of omnichannel customers. The key takeaway: An effective omnichannel strategy is about meaningful interactions, not just being everywhere.

The world of groceries is undergoing rapid transformation, marked by swift changes like mergers, the online marketplace, retailer media, and the rise of meal solutions and recipes. In this dynamic environment, adaptation is key. As consumer expectations change swiftly, it becomes imperative to comprehend and anticipate their requirements.